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Mediplaced was borne from decades of years of healthcare experience and knowledge working in NHS and Private Front line healthcare services. Combined with expert recruitment industry leaders this team are committed to providing healthcare staff solutions, which are flexible, expandable, and essentially different and here’s how.

Flexible & Tailored Solutions

We are the providers of key recruitment solutions tailored to the needs of healthcare providers. Our relationship with you is at the heart at everything we do. Like most recruitment companies  - we are not sales driven and do not believe in a “one size fits all”. Our objective is to listen, learn and grow together shaping the services we want to see opposed to being profit driven.

Our team and lead recruitment consultants are qualified practitioners and have many years’ experience and are only too aware of the challenges you face. Our solutions are flexible, direct and simple. Our Healthcare Practitioners are required to meet a high standard of skills, experience and evidence of CPD and equally we place our practitioners where their skills are in high demand and valued.

By identifying the areas of speciality within our Practitioner database, we are able to meet needs of healthcare services in an affordable, timely and sustainable manner. We recruit, interview and hand select staffing of the highest quality. 

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Our Team

Team and lead recruitment consultants are qualified practitioners


Our vision was borne from a shared interest and desire to work with and engage key organisations, the NHS, Primary Care Providers, the private and voluntary sector in partnership to effectively meet the challenges ahead.  


At Mediplaced our trust in relationships and engaging clients and organisations is the underpinning of all of our interactions. We believe valuable knowledge should be shared with partners and friends and never more has this been as important as in the current challenging climate facing the NHS and healthcare providers. Our relationships are testament to our genuine care to provide with staffing solutions to meet your current needs.

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