Job Description

Staff Nurse

Advanced Nurse Practitioners

Ideally, you will have 2+ years' experience working as a Nurse Practitioner within General Practice and be confident in undertaking clinics independently, as well as holding your V300 prescribing.

Great benefits of working with Medicplaced

  • Attractive salary
  • A free, quick and easy registration process with a reputable, fast and efficient primary care agency, with an expert recruitment nurse consultant on hand to assist with all aspects of the recruitment process.
  • Working in a variety of settings from NHS or private GP settings, to Walk in Centres and Out of Hours services, can help to develop and expand your skillset, contributing further your professional development.
  • Pick up shifts on the day before or up to 12 months in advance!
  • All the support you require in securing work from an experienced, specialist primary healthcare recruitment agency.