Mental Health


Mental Health

Putting your mental health first.

Our journey starts and ends in the field of mental health. Our company was borne from a vision to simply improve the mental wellbeing of our patients who ask for help. For too long we have relied on symptoms as the indicator to communicate to us that we need help. We know there is significantly more to be done but it cannot be done alone. Being part of our organisation, we will support you through your own journey, encourage your development and listen to you. There has never been a more important time to dedicate your time, skills and expertise to the mental health of our population. Doing so has many benefits as a Mediplaced Nurse, you will be paid a highly competitive rate weekly, subsidise your travel and provide ongoing support and supervision.

We understand that working in this sector carries its own challenges and risks. This is why we only place people where appropriate and safe to do so and where you will be valued. Our preference is your partnership not profit.

We are currently recruiting newly qualified and experienced Registered Mental Health Nurses and Social Workers for positions in Liverpool and the North West. Please speak to us about directly as jobs advertised are usually taken quickly.